An appeal hearing against a decision by Pembrokeshire County Council to grant a licence for a new nightclub in Penally will take place this week.

The nightclub which to be called the Queen of Hearts was given approval by the PCC’s sub-licensing committee at a meeting at County Hall on August 22.

However, the whole scheme could be halted by the manager of a nearby Crackwell Holiday Park which has launched an appeal against the decision to grant the nightclub a licence.

During the initial meeting of the licensing sub-committee in August, manager of the holiday park Mrs. Emma Thomas raised concerns about the plans, stating that she was worried that the play area of her park was only within a couple of feet of the entrance of the proposed nightclub, where drugs or needles could end up.

She added that as they would be cutting down the tree next to the site within the next 12 months, the play area would then be visible.

In an email sent to Clr. Tim Evans, chairman of the licensing-sub committee, Mrs. Thomas stated: “Having live music played at this premises will disrupt the peace, tranquillity and serenity here.

“The vibrations from the music can be felt here in the caravans as it travels through the ground and this constant thudding and banging will cause tremendous stress to all of us trying to sleep here.

“It will threaten the safety of all the residents through drunken and drug influenced behaviour, possible vandalism, break-ins and theft, violence and rowdy behaviour,” she continued.

The hearing will take place at Haverfordwest Magistrates Court on Thursday December 12.