Plans to convert a former town centre clothes shop to flats and a café have been put on hold as there were not enough members of the planning committee present.

Pembrokeshire County Council’s planning committee, at its October 3 meeting, was recommended to approve an application by Mr B Roscoe to convert the Grade II-listed Pink Cat Shop, 24 High Street, Haverfordwest to six flats and a café.

The building was historically used as a retail store selling clothing; in recent years the basement and ground floors have been used as a café, with the upper floors remaining vacant.

Agent Evans Banks Planning Limited has said the upper floors of the building have been vacant for some five years, and the building was marketed for sale for two years without interest.

It was due to be considered by county planners as one of the later items of a lengthy agenda.

However, the application, along with two other items, fell foul of a lack of committee members present.

The meeting, which had been running for nearly six hours by this point may not be in quorate, members heard after some had earlier left.

Chair of the planning committee Cllr Jacob Williams paused the meeting to establish whether it was still in quorate.

After a 10-minute break, to establish whether a committee member expected to arrive late would be able to make up the numbers, it was found it was still not in quorate.

Cllr Williams apologised to public speakers for the last three agenda items, saying it was hoped they would either be discussed at the November planning committee, or potentially at a special meeting.

“The decision unfortunately is we will have to defer these remaining items on the agenda to the November meeting; I’m sorry to the remaining public speakers who have sat and waited all day, it’s a rotten situation.”