A Pembrokeshire coast ‘party house’ had ‘bit-by-bit’ moved from a property to ‘a commercial mini-Butlins on a residential estate’ - National Park planners heard this week.

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority planners, at their October meeting, were recommended to approve retrospective plans, submitted by BDS Contracts Ltd, to divide 7 Holbrook Close, Broad Haven, in to two properties, after work started in 2021.

The application was submitted following enforcement reports and investigations into what has been described as a “party house,” which had the potential to have as many as 17 people staying at any one time.

A report for planners said the property had moved from conventional designations of C3 (dwelling house), C5 (second home) and C6 (short-term commercial let) to a ‘sui generis’ class of its own.

“Officers of the authority consider that based on the way in which the property has been operating since 2020 as evidenced by adverts on Airbnb and complaints from neighbouring properties, there has been an unauthorised material change of use from C3/C5/C6 use to a Sui Generis party house use.”

Speaking at the meeting, local resident Shirley Norman said the property had “bit-by-bit” become a “party house,” after an initial 2016 application for a swimming pool and garage extension, later sleeping 12 and then 16, and then a “party house for 17 unsupervised people”.

She said Airbnb guest can invite any number of others to use the facilities, with the “large pool, sound system, synchronised flashing lights and hot tub,” amongst the many facilities which included an outdoor cinema.

She described 7 Holbrook Close as “a commercial mini-Butlins on a residential estate, rain or shine, night and day,” with “no other letting property of this size and enormous scale anywhere in The Havens”.

“It is not the place for a large tourist business catering for far too many people in holiday mode. If this business is allowed to continue, I fear it will only be the beginning of a new trend on our estate.”

Councillor Reg Owens expressed his sympathy for the residents, moving the recommendation be approved, in the hope of alleviating the issues.

He was overwhelmingly supported by fellow committee members, Cllr Tony Wilcox saying: “Now at least we have got some semblance of control over this,” adding that residents should continue to report any further incidents to relevant authorities.

Members backed the subdivision, on the condition that one of the properties and the pool could only be used for residential purposes, and the two properties were not allowed to be used as a single facility again.