Plaid Cymru’s Mid & South Pembrokeshire election candidate Cris Tomos was joined by the party’s leader this month in Narberth as they canvassed around the locality, as Plaid unveiled its pledges for rural Wales.

Plaid is vowing to be the ‘voice of rural Wales’ in Westminster as part of its general election campaign, with communities facing distinct challenges associated with distance from key services, limited job opportunities and low incomes, and a lack of public transport infrastructure.

Accompanied by Plaid leader Rhun ap Iorwerth, local candidate Cris Tomos outlined his ambitions and aims for the new constituency for Mid and South Pembrokeshire.

As part of their pledges, Plaid has said it will - increase GPs to help rural communities access the healthcare they need; invest in local high streets to keep shops, pubs and community centres open.

Cris emphasised that the opportunities and economic boost offered by green and renewable energy in Pembrokeshire need to be channelled back to support local services and offer new skills training for local people to gain quality jobs in the emerging green economy.

“Revenues generated from the Celtic Sea floating wind development should have a ring fenced economic fund for Pembrokeshire to allow new start-up companies and expand existing green economy business to offer quality and competitive salaries to local people,” he explained.

“The Crown Estate in West Wales will benefit greatly from the green revolution but currently all the hundreds of millions of pounds that will be realised will go directly to the treasury in London, we have to fight now for the retention of this funding to remain in Wales and focused on offering quality jobs, housing and public services for the people of Mid and South Pembrokeshire.”

Cris added: “With such a predicted boost in revenue from the green economy we can building new affordable energy efficient homes in the county, help finance threatened services such as the day centres and libraries, while also offering more practical support for families living in poverty due to the austerity and mismanagement of the economy by the current Conservative Governments in Westminster and Labour Government in Cardiff Bay."