Members of the public and local politicians are pushing the Welsh Government to reconsider a move to install traffic lights at the ‘treacherous’ Nash Fingerpost Junction, in favour of a roundabout.

It was revealed last week that a move to install traffic lights at the dangerous ‘black spot’ between Milton and Pembroke Dock is in the pipeline.

Campaigners have long been calling for safety changes to the road, petitioning to try and force the Senedd and the Highways Authorities to reconsider the layout of the Nash Fingerpost Junction A477 to A4075 after a string of accidents down the years, most recently the tragic fatality back in May when twenty-nine-year-old motorcyclist Ashley Rogers of Kilgetty lost his life.

A petition created by campaigner Laura Griffiths calling on the Welsh Government to rethink their plans and install a roundabout, has led to a meeting being arranged at the site with Petitions Committee Chair Jack Sargeant MS and Samuel Kurtz MS attending on Thursday, October 26 at 3.30 pm to discuss the petition and the issues surrounding this particular junction.

Now Laura is urging others with concerns to make their feelings know at the meeting.

“We’ve been invited to talk about the road problem, with this visit planned following the submission of this petition,” said Laura.

“Many residents of Pembrokeshire and also the Council feel a roundabout would be more would be a more appropriate solution, considering Irish Ferry traffic and that it is the main road for the south of the county.

However the Welsh Government has rejected their request for a roundabout, approving traffic lights for the junction instead.

“Traffic lights will cause major delays for the county’s working and travelling citizens. A roundabout would be more appropriate, and land has already been approved by the local council for the development.

“The Welsh Assembly Senedd petitions people are now coming down to look at Nash Junction where the young man on the motorcycle died and consider a roundabout option and they have invited us to attend,” she continued, asking if any motorists who regularly travel on the road, from businesses or busy work places such as Pembroke power station are able to attend to speak; or anyone who has experienced a collision or accident.

The petition can be viewed at:

South Pembrokeshire MP Simon Hart has said that he is ‘disappointed’ that a roundabout is not being considered at this stage.

“I’m relieved that at last the Welsh Government is admitting that this dangerous junction needs some alteration, but I’m disappointed that they aren’t taking the opportunity to put in the roundabout that we have been calling for, for over a decade.

“I’m concerned that lights will be yet more fiddling around the edges, whereas a roundabout would solve the problem for once and for all and also keep the traffic flowing freely.”