Pembrokeshire Woodturners will be sharing and showing their wood craft to visitors at Colby Woodland garden this Sunday, July 20, from 10 am - 4.30 pm. They are always keen to attract new members, even the aims of their constitution are to foster friendship amongst woodturners in the area and to impart knowledge and expand the craft of woodturning. The woodturners proved to be very popular with all the family when they attended 'The Story of Wood' event at Colby in May. It is quite a feat, bringing their heavy wood turning lathes, but it means they can engage and inspire others to take up the craft. They will be using wood from Colby to craft a variety of useful and decorative pieces. There will be an opportunity to make purchases and visitors can also visit the Pembrokeshire Craftmaker's exhibition upstairs in the gallery open all day, where a wide range of art and crafts are on sale. Look out for organised activities coming up from the July 23 with Twilight Walks. Visit their website for more events and activities coming up this summer">