A Pembrokeshire village committee has had to take steps to stop dogs being walked in a popular area of the community, due to ‘lazy irresponsible owners’ not picking up after their pooches.

Posting on social media, New Hedges Village Hall Committee stated: “Unfortunately due the amount of dog fouling in the Hall Field/Play Park that is not being picked up, we have had to reinstate ‘No Dogs Allowed’ in the field.

“There is clear signage on the entrances to the field. Thank you for your cooperation and consideration in this matter. Assistance dogs are welcome.”

Some locals took to Facebook to vent their fury and frustration on the matter, blaming ‘lazy irresponsible owners’ with one stating: “What a shame that some people have ruined it for the few of us who took pleasure and gratitude for a lovely field, which around the local area is few and far between, getting less and less!”

Another remarked: “When it was decided dogs could go in the field it should have been dogs on leads only. I have watched owners throwing balls and losing track of their dogs. They have spoilt it for responsible owners.

One local resident stated: “Children play in that park - that's disgusting and also very irresponsible and lazy of whoever is doing this!” whilst another commented on the issue spreading more and more around the locality, stating: “My wife and I do a fair bit of walking round Tenby and the amount of dog poo on the pavements is disgusting.

“These dog owners will never change, and give the vast majority of responsible owners a bad name. I hope the signs at the hall work but I have my doubts,” they added.

New hedges hall no dogs sign
(New Hedges village Hall/Facebook)

The New Hedges and St Mary Out Liberty Friends group on Facebook issued a warning to culprits on the matter, and that Pembrokeshire County Council’s environmental crime enforcement officers had been patrolling the village, with at least one Fixed Penalty Notice issued.

“We've had several reports of dog fouling not being cleaned up around the village again,” the group stated, going on to say: “Polite reminder, it's a lawful obligation to clean up after our pets. You can put used poo bags in litter bins.

“Please remember that enforcement officers can issue FPNs for not picking up dog poo. We know at least one FPN has been issued in the village.

“Please be responsible, and clean up after your pets. Thank you.”