Giraldus Cambrensis was born in Manorbier Castle in about 1146 to a noble Norman family, and a talk in Haverfordwest will explore his history.

Gerald the Welshman - to translate his Latin name - became a churchman, being appointed archdeacon of Brecon in 1175, and he was also an historian, his accounts of life in the late 12th century standing as a valuable historical source.

Gerald’s Welsh tour in 1188 with Archbishop Baldwin of Canterbury, undertaken to raise soldiers for the Third Crusade, prompted his best known books Itinerary of Wales and Description of Wales.

Gerald’s later life was clouded by his frustrated ambition to become bishop of St. David’s and to make it independent of Canterbury. So it is perhaps apt that for its December lecture the Pembrokeshire Historical Society has invited Bishop Wyn Evans, Bishop of St David’s from 2008-2016, to speak on the life of Giraldus.

The illustrated talk on Friday, December 1 will begin at 2.30pm in the Pembrokeshire Archives building in Prendergast, Haverfordwest, and all are welcome.