The following matters were raised at the September meeting of East Williamston Community Council:

The Broadmoor sign has been replaced, however the Station Road sign has not yet been replaced. The East Williamston sign between Cold Inn and EW has been damaged and should be reported to Pembrokeshire County Council to repair/replace.

One bench is in the Jubilee Park and a base is needed at Pentlepoir for the second one. The handyman will put some slabs down at the front of Pentlepoir play area on path side. The Happy to Chat plaques have arrived and will be placed on appropriate benches.

The Station Road roadworks are still not complete as they have been on stop.

The fascia board is down and the council will ask Tony Wall to take down the defibrillator and relocate it close by.

Pembrokeshire County Council are to be asked if they have any updates on the Templebar Road mini roundabout, as there are still a lot of issues reported there.

The community council had heard nothing back from PCC about speed tests on Cold Inn road, so a request to remind them.

The following planning application was considered: 22/0404/PA: Alterations and extension at Highlands, 5 Green Park, Pentlepoir – Members had no objections to this application.

An update was given on play parks in the locality and a quote for safety surfacing.

The community council chair, Cllr Wilkinson had met with James Horton the play equipment inspector and requested an amended quote for the repairs to the safety surfacing. The new quote is for £2,398.02 as opposed to £3,966 and it was agreed for this work to be carried out. It was also agreed to ask Mr Horton to supply and fit a new seat for the swing at Broadmoor and to ask the handyman to repair the latch on gate at Pentlepoir.

The Broadmoor play equipment had been pressure washed and all timber treated with wood preservative which has made a huge improvement to the park. Repairs have been made and shackles replaced as agreed. The Pentlepoir play area would be done now children are back in school.

It was resolved that the repair work to the safety surfacing be carried out at Broadmoor and Pentlepoir as per the amended quote; and for the Pentlepoir play area to be cleaned and painted.

County councillor for the ward Cllr Jacob Williams submitted the following report to fellow members. Queries had been raised by residents in Vineyard Vale after the regular maintenance of green communal areas had ceased and these areas became overgrown.

Cllr Williams said that he had contacted Ateb and was advised that they had experienced some issues following the re-tendering process for grounds maintenance services.

Ateb was apologetic and advised that this had now been sorted, the regular maintenance at Vineyard Vale had resumed, and would continue as normal in future.

Concerns had been raised over the condition of trees in Elveston Lane, some of which are shedding branches and known to have had ash dieback for several years.

Cllr Williams said that he had made enquiries with the relevant highways officers for the trees to be looked at, since they are adjacent to the highway, and would update further in due course.

PCC had now implemented its same-day booking service at its civic amenity sites. Smashed glass bottles and overgrowth impeding the A477 Kilgetty-Kingsmoor Road pedestrian underpass had been reported to the area maintenance team.

The following matters were raised by councillors:

A large branch of a dead oak tree had come down in the park which has been cleared and tidied up.

A photoshoot for the press had been carried out at the Jubilee Park with the Green Flag Award, the new tractor and the Jubilee Oak tree plaque plus the new play equipment with some councillors and users of the park.

Speed signs need to be sorted. The Cold Inn sign will need to be taken down and Cllr R Day has two in his garage, all of which require relocating. Permission will be sought from PCC to erect them.

Councillors Wilkinson and McIntosh reported that at a recent trustee meeting of the East Williamston Hall and Community Association (the owners and lessors of Jubilee Park) it was suggested that the lease might be approaching term and that concern was expressed regarding any possibility that Council might not wish to renew this arrangement. If this situation arose it had been felt the Association might find it impossible to continue to manage the park in its current successful form.

Councillors undertook to check the terms of the lease but gave assurance of the continuing commitment from the community council towards support of the park.

It was emphasised that the management of this amenity has always been regarded by both parties as wholly collaborative endeavour and it was assumed this will not change.

Post meeting note: the Expiration date for the lease was in fact confirmed as being 2038 - clearly a much longer term than assumed by the Association.