There has been a spirit of optimism in the Bowls Club since the recent influx of new members. The newcomers have been settling in well and are showing weekly improvement. In the first match of the new season, an away match against Skrinkle, although the club were beaten, two of the new bowlers made their mark, outshining established players. Their names for the record are Sheila and Steve Holt.

In the second seasonal match, New Hedges played at home to Llanddewi Velfrey and, determined not to repeat their previous defeat, they won by 34-17.

The next match with Hundleton was a disaster, best forgotten, and on October 15, another away match with Reynalton, was an even worse defeat, losing by 54-14. Surely things could improve? But on November 5, yet another away game, this time with local club Kilgetty, the score was 25-20, (in Kilgetty's favour!). However, it was a fun evening and Sheila and Steve once again did well by winning the pairs.

Can there be any optimism left? Of course, although the club mascot had returned to hibernation!

A few months ago the club's own singles competition was held and was won by Shirley Davies. She will be presented with the trophy at the bowls luncheon to be held this year at Swallowtree Gardens on Friday, December 4.

One of the most regular members of the club, much appreciated by all bowlers for his dedication, is the present club captain, Arthur Pettifer. Not long out of hospital, he has just celebrated a big 'O' birthday and bowlers from New Hedges, together with members of the Kilgetty club, lured him to Pentlepoir for a Chinese celebratory meal. He just managed to blow out the candles on his surprise birthday cake, and there was a full-throated rendering of 'Happy Birthday!', followed by a tumultuous round of applause. It was a very happy, enjoyable evening for all those attending.

Bowls continues to be held on a Tuesday afternoon, Tuesday evening and Friday evening at New Hedges Village Hall, and anyone wishing to come along would be made most welcome... (especially any who are also good bowlers and enjoy competition!).