Narberth’s county councillors have provided updates to the Town Council on matters concerning their respective wards.

Councillor Elwyn Morse the ward member for Narberth Rural Ward reported on matters relating to ‘Station approach’ and thanked all who had attended the site meeting with Officers from Pembrokeshire County Council. He stated that plans had been amended to take into consideration one of the businesses in the area.

Cllr Morse also reported on the sunken drain in the new pavement at Kiln Park Road and the need to bring the level up as water is ponding and could be dangerous to pedestrians. He told town councillors that he is looking into this with the County Council.

On matters relating to Moorfield Road/Parc Roberts, Cllr Marc Tierney, County Councillor for Narberth Urban reported that he had been informed that the road is wide enough and that a car, bus or lorry can all pass each other at the pinch point.

He had made a few suggestions and is waiting for feedback. Cllr Tierney explained the reason for the dropped kerb in order to prevent surface water running back into nearby properties.

Cllr G Meredydd suggested to his fellow Councillors that they write to Cllr Tierney individually about their concerns regarding the road layout.

With regards to recent flooding by Allen’s Bank to Narberth Bridge, Cllr Tierney said that this was due to a blocked drain.

On the A40 project, Cllr Tierney said that he’d had discussions about what will happen during the period of time that Redstone Road has to be closed in relation to motorists coming into Narberth and access into the businesses in that area.

A plan is being worked on and details will be discussed at the next A40 consultation meeting.

On 20 mph signage, the Clerk had reported on matters regarding Station Road and the Bridge Hill area.

Both County Councillors had agreed that there is nothing in legislation that PCC has to provide repeater miles per hour speed signs.

It was resolved that the Clerk write to the Haverfordwest Traffic Unit to request speed checks at Station Road and Bridge Hill.