Members of the public continue to be urged to report matters of fly-tipping and littering to the Local Authority, after an incident saw a motorist prosecuted for throwing rubbish out of their vehicle in Saundersfoot.

County councillor for the seaside town’s south ward, Cllr Chris Williams said he recently attended a meeting with Pembrokeshire County Council officers and the ‘enviro crime’ team, where instances of fly-tipping and littering were once again discussed.

“I personally think that we’re more aligned now to the challenges of fly-tipping and certainly this season have seen numerous properties being caught and chased up by the environmental team at PCC,” he remarked.

“Recently a Saundersfoot resident reported an incident to me. The incident was a fly tipping case where rubbish was thrown out of their vehicle. I reported this matter to PCC immediately and they acted swiftly to gather the evidence.

“The gentleman was traced through his car details and charged with the evidence. He admitted the offence and he admitted his behaviour was unacceptable. He received a fine for the offence.

“The cost of cleaning up littering in communities across Pembrokeshire would be far better spent on providing other services that would benefit the community.

“If you see fly tipping please report to the enviro crime team at PCC or bring it to my attention,” added Cllr Williams.