More disability access points have been added to an area of Saundersfoot.

At the back end of last summer, county councillor for the seaside village’s South Ward Cllr Chris Williams had highlighted his concerns over a lack of dropped kerbs in Pennant Avenue estate for safely entering and exiting the pavements.

Recently a team from Pembrokeshire County Council installed installing four access points in the estate.

“This has been greatly welcomed by the residents especially those using mobility scooters as well as the younger families with young children in prams and buggies,” said Cllr Williams.

“I have now asked that extra access curbs are put in at the other end of the estate. I’m going through the process with PCC and extremely confident that this will also be completed in the near future.

“Still in Pennant Avenue, there have been concerns regarding the surface of the road in certain parts of the estate and it is hoped that some of the pot holes will be seen to.

“I have reported this matter and will update the residents soon.

“I have also enquired about a salt bin to be positioned in Pennant Avenue, in the area around the steps heading down onto the bottom flats in the estate,” he added.