Minor corrections to the layout of Saundersfoot Harbour’s car park have been touted by one of the seaside village’s county councillors.

Last month, County councillor for the south ward Cllr Chris Williams said that he’d had a productive meeting with John the new Saundersfoot Harbour manager.

The car park underwent resurfacing work earlier this year, and changes to improve its layout.

“We discussed the parking area that has been chained off and the kerbs painted to make them stand out, as unfortunately, there have been a few issues with individuals tripping as they haven’t seen the raised kerbs,” said Cllr Williams.

“The design team has the raised kerbs in place to prevent cars taking short cuts across the car park. This would then have issues with the pedestrians who are walking freely in the walk zones.

“It has been suggested that the kerbs are a different colour as they may stand out better. John was extremely helpful and will look to start putting things into place over the coming months,” he added.