Tenby’s Mayor has said that he was inspired to represent the seaside town for a second successive term by the connections he has made in the community with various volunteers and hard-working organisations.

The Mayor Making AGM was held at the Mayor’s Parlour on Friday, May 10, with Cllr Dai Morgan making the Declaration of Acceptance of Office to be officially installed as Tenby’s 635th Mayor.

“The last year has been a real privilege!” Tenby’s Mayor told the Observer after being elected to don the scarlet robes of office once again.

“I was only ever going to go for one term. However with the people you meet with various organisations in the town and mostly all volunteers in their own time they really did inspire me to go again.”

One of Cllr Morgan’s duties this time around was to appoint representatives from the Sea, Air and Police Cadets to serve as Mayor’s Cadets for 2024-25.

“We've made some real progress over the year and for me, the biggest one was to include the youth of the town - something I thought was vital for them to have a say and input, especially being the future,” he continued.

“We have made important connections with Greenhill School, and as Town Councillors have been to school Senedd meetings and listened to what the students felt strongly about and actioned as and where possible.

“We are now at the stage where when we meet the students and they lead the meetings and are coming back with some fantastic ideas.

“We are also planning some great projects in the community with the schools.

“To be honest greater community connections, working and supporting local organisations including charities and continuing to work with the youth of the town will be this year’s focus.

Tenby Mayor Making 2024
(Pic: Gareth Davies Photography)

“A lot in the town wouldn't happen without the hard work of the volunteers of community groups so a massive thank you to all of them.”

Cllr Morgan’s partner Melanie Lewis will be Mayoress; whilst Cllr Charles Dale will once again serve as Deputy Mayor.

Denise Cousins was appointed Sergeant at Mace.

“The support from the town has been overwhelming the past year but I couldn't do this role with the support from my family,” continued Cllr Morgan.

“It goes without saying the last year has been an absolute privilege and honour to represent our great town and I will continue to do that to my best ability,” he added.