St, John’s Church, Templeton has been chosen to benefit from the Co-op Local Community Fund, now they need your help.

Members Debbie and Amy Davies said: “As you can imagine, for the last few years it has been really challenging for small charitable organisations like ours, so we are grateful to have this partnership with the Co-op Local Community Fund.

“Our projects are to raise funds for several community events in Templeton and to bring people together through food and general conversations, mental well-being.

“We would like local people to go to their local Co-op store and purchase groceries either online or in the store and select St John the Baptist Church, Templeton as their local cause.

“If you would like to support us and you do not have a membership card, it only costs £1 to join.

“We really hope that people will select us as their local Community Fund cause, so we can continue in making a difference and help bring people together, people who might be struggling with isolation or meeting people.”