It is turning into a right Royal year for the picturesque Cleddau village of Llangwm. In July, the village welcomed Their Royal Highnesses the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall while attempting to break the record for the World’s Biggest Welshcake.

Llangwm is preparing to welcome more ‘royalty’ in August, but this time, think Rugby not Corgis.

Rugby legend Eddie Butler has turned his hand to writing since hanging up his boots and has met with astounding success. ‘Bamber’ Butler has followed his best-selling Gonzo novels with ‘The Asparagus Thieves’: a dual narrative brain twister crossing a Welsh Downton-style World War One narrative with some of the juicier aspects of modern day life in Cardiff and Magaluf. Remember to ask him about method writing!

Hot on ‘Bamber’s’ heals comes Professor Norman Davies to talk about his global journey into history in ‘Beneath Another Sky’. Professor Davies, author of the number one bestseller ‘Europe: A History’ travelled around the world to research his latest work. He records the constant change and perpetual locomotion of human history. He also shares with us the priceless vignettes of the people he meets along the way, such as that of Dr Shashi Tharoor ‘No wonder that the sun never set on the Empire. Even God would never trust the English in the dark.’

Closer to home, best-selling Templeton historian Tony Riches will bring the Tudors to life through the research that has taken him through secret Tudor tunnels of Tenby and to deepest darkest Britanny. With the Pembrokeshire theme very much in the fore, Jamie Owen and David Wilson will take you on a visual journey through the seasons, traditions and landscapes of our very own county in their brand new book ‘A Year in Pembrokeshire’.

For the first time, Liza Lort-Phillips will open ‘The Versability Shop’ to inspire and delight with a rhyme for any occasion. There are lots of activities for children too, including for the first year ‘The Children’s Soapbox’ at which we hope to spot the next Dylan Thomas, and JK Rowling.

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