Dear Editor,

Christmas is a time when we put other people above ourselves. We do it in the shivering cold evenings we spend supporting carol concerts, in driving across the country on Christmas Eve to make sure we see friends and relatives in person, and even in giving up that last glorious roast potato during Christmas Lunch.

At this time of generosity, what if even your last-minute gifts could spread the love? No more repackaged nail polishes, service station socks, or condiment gift sets. At the international disaster relief charity ShelterBox, we have a solution. A gift membership to the ShelterBox Book Club is a great alternative for only £10 a month. Get a 3, 6, or 12-month membership online, and while your loved one receives amazing books in the post, your donation will help gift emergency shelter to families living through disaster across the globe in places like Ukraine, Yemen, Cameroon, Pakistan, and the Philippines.

As head bookworm at the ShelterBox Book Club I see the joy our community and discussions bring to our members, but I also know the real impact it has for families around the world – providing hope in times of darkness. So, instead of scrambling about for a last-minute gift this year, why not get a ShelterBox Book Club gift membership and spread the love? Visit

Catherine Thornhill

Head Bookworm