‘Irresponsible people’ continue to be called out for blatant fly-tipping and littering around a seaside village.

County councillor for Saundersfoot’s south ward, Cllr Chris Williams gave an update on issues that have arisen recently.

“It was brought to my attention that garden waste was being fly-tipped at the Plantation, off Sandyhill Road. I met a local resident who walked me through the Plantation woods and highlighted blatant fly-tipping from a neighbouring property,” he explained.

“I visited the property and you could clearly see where the cuttings came from.

“Unfortunately incidents like this attract fly-tipping so it’s nice when we solve an issue immediately and hopefully this will discourage other neighbouring properties doing the same.”

Cllr Williams said that during the beginning of February, litter picks were arranged for the locality, with one concentrating on the centre of the village, and the other on the Fan Road to the junction at Pentlepoir.

“What is extremely disappointing is the amount of litter being thrown out of vehicles from the junction down to Fan Road and the top of the Ridgeway,” he continued.

“This is now being picked once a month and it’s staggering that in this relatively small section we are continually collecting three full bags of rubbish!

“This is mainly, tins, plastic bottles, vapes, cigarette packages, cans and take away food packages. On my most recent pick, it appears that one motorist emptied his wallet of receipts and amongst the paper was a nice crisp ten pound note, that was greatly accepted.

“In just over an hour we had collected 21kg of rubbish into roughly 10 bags of rubbish.

Another litter-pick saw 50 volunteers turn up at Saundersfoot Sailing club to take part in a ‘Surfers against Sewage’ one million mile beach clean, stretching from Monkstone Point to the back beach behind the harbour.

In this stretch alone, 10 lobster pots, 13 bags of rubbish and 3 bags of rope were collected which can be recycled, and sent to Sharron at Willow Waves Craft.

Cllr Williams also made reference to swimming group the Numb Nuts who swim in the sea every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am.

“They have informed me that, on occasions, they come across dog poo, as well as dog poo bags and empty glass bottles.

“Our fabulous beach should not be polluted by irresponsible people. Whoever you are, please use the bins or take your litter home!

The next planned litterpick on Glen beach will be on April 7, and it is hoped to arrange another litter pick in the community.

“I would like to thank Julie Davies and Sam from E-coast on the High Street who do an incredible job arranging the beach cleans and the various litter picks around the village all year round,” continued Cllr Williams.

“It just shows that having volunteers to help out in our village shows the fantastic community spirit amongst us.”

If any resident wants to get involved in any of the community events email your contact details to: [email protected]