The leader of the Welsh Lib Dems has demanded an immediate inquiry into Welsh Water’s failure to follow operational guidelines, following news that the company has been dumping raw sewage into waterways across Wales for years.

Today (Wednesday, October 25), the leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Jane Dodds has pressured the Welsh Government to reign in Dwr Cymru by launching an inquiry.

Mrs Dodds has asked the Climate Change minister for Wales, Julie James MS to launch an immediate inquiry into the water companies’ failure to follow operational guidelines.

Commenting, Mrs Dodds said: “I was appalled by the revelation last week that Dwr Cymru have been illegally dumping untreated sewage into our waterways for years without any action being taken against them.

“Before this revelation I had very little confidence in Dwr Cymru, now I have none. Questions must be asked as to whether they have any real grasp on the situation.

“I am also very disappointed in the minister’s response to my request for an independent inquiry into the practices of Dwr Cymru.

“A full and comprehensive independent inquiry is the only way forward to fixing a mess which happened right under the noses of the Welsh Labour Government,” she added.