The hidden cost of disposing of household sewage - which can be as much as £2,000 per year - is being highlighted by South Pembrokeshire AM Angela Burns.

"We all know about concerns of fuel poverty this winter, but what about those who can barely afford to keep their sewage systems cleaned out?" she asked.

"This isn't a pleasant topic, which is probably why it's not had the attention it deserves, but in rural areas where you aren't on mains sewerage, it can be a huge financial burden."

Mrs. Burns was alerted to the issue by a pensioner from Llanteg who isn't allowed a soakaway system because his home was built on clay.

"That means all his household water and sewage has to go into a septic tank which must be regularly emptied," said Mrs. Burns.

"With the rising cost of fuel, this has become prohibitively expensive, especially during a time when food and heating bills have increased so much as well.

"I have written to the Welsh housing minister about this issue and I am calling on Welsh Water and the Environment Agency to improve the sewers around Llanteg, Pleasant Valley and Amroth."