Another two or three weeks will see the finish of the domestic leagues and then the Open and Over 60s competitions will be starting. This fortnight of competition will be very busy. The draw has already been made and the sheets are up on the noticeboard with the dates for matches to be played. Good luck to everyone. Hope you enjoy it. One of the members, Mr. Terry Howells, gave me a very interesting poem to read. I thought it would be of interest, as quite a few members have often voiced their opinion about this subject, so I have included it with my report for all of you to read. Anyway, I'm sure it will raise plenty of comments.


Odds and ends with bowling friends, Up and down the green they roll, Like redundant bowlers on the dole, Bowling clubs are losing members, The bowling hierarchy are the offenders.

Who knows the rules of lawn green bowls, Only umpires and little men in blazer and greys, They have made more changes in bowls, Than Jose Marino at Chelsea football club.

Give the jack away, jack high, jack low, jack level, Blue carpet, all the colours of the rainbow, Woods as tight as a chicken's lip, who wants to play Top class bowlers are coming out, and going straight, Bowls are suffering from an incurable disease and it's called minimum bias.

So come on, let's have one more change, You, the WBA, can begin, by ditching minimum bias to the rubbish bin. Minimum bias woods kill skill, gone is the thrill, Of drawing to the pill, specially when playing at the back, let's get back to basics, And go with the swinging wood.

Heatherton Ladies 74 The Meads Ladies 90

Heatherton ladies played the last of their friendlies on Sunday against The Meads. Rink scores (Heatherton first, Meads skips only) were: D. Doherty, M. Draper, V. Kerrison, K. Cole 12; M. Carter 24. V. Roberts, L. Goldwait, J. Shewry, M. Marquiss 24; P. Jones 23. D. Brown, N. Thomas, K. Kennion, B. James 17; V. Hubbard 27. P. Smith, Y. White, C. Evans, A. Owens 21; D. Gwilliam 16.