Sarah Collins, Clinical Lead Occupational Therapist at Prince Philip Hospital, has spoken about why new therapeutic gardens will make such a difference to patients. 

The Prince Philip Hospital Gardens Appeal, which was launched in November 2023, aims to raise £100,000 to create new therapeutic gardens at the hospital. 

The new gardens will be for patients in Mynydd Mawr ward, a 15-bed elderly care rehabilitation unit, and Bryngolau ward, a 15-bed older adult mental health unit. The wards are located next door to each other on the ground floor of the hospital and have access to enclosed outdoor space. This space, however, is currently not in use and is not suitable for patients.

Sarah said: “The campaign for a garden like this is so important because patients have been in hospital for a significant amount of time which causes deconditioning, and it reduces their confidence.

“The concept of going home can often be overwhelming, you can lose touch with the outside world.

“The benefits of having gardens like these will be that staff, family and friends can interact with patients in a much more natural environment. They’ll have the opportunity and space to explore and express themselves a lot better.”

Speaking about the benefits of having a green space, Sarah said: “Having an accessible garden with meaningful activities and seating can give them that connection to the outside world with the enhanced benefits of being part of nature. It’s a space and opportunity for patients to enhance their recovery and wellbeing.

“The patients can be more relaxed, it’s an opportunity to get fresh air and a change of scenery, give them something to talk about. It can also allow them to engage in outdoor activities such as gardening or light exercise which can be restricted when they are indoors.”

Asked why the Appeal is so important for the hospital, Sarah added: “This is a much-needed cause. For a lot of these patients and their families, the only thing they’ve seen are hospital walls, beds and chairs for several weeks, sometimes months. Having an opportunity to go outside will make a massive difference.”

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