Incidents of ‘unacceptable behaviour’ concerning fly-tipping continue to be flagged-up at the seaside village of Saundersfoot.

County councillor for the village’s south ward Cllr Chris Williams said that he’d received two incidents reported to him of fly-tipping in the village in recent weeks.

“The first incident is of a white van pulling outside a local bin and the driver placing a black bag from the rear of his vehicle by the side of his bin,” he said.

“Unfortunately by 8 am the bag was ripped open and all the rubbish was scattered down Cambrian Terrace and The Strand!

“This is unacceptable behaviour as it meant extra time and effort from Pembrokeshire County Council staff to deal with this clean up.

“I have passed on the photo that I received to the PCC team to investigate and hopefully prosecute.

One local resident posted on Facebook: “This irresponsible and thoughtless behaviour impacts our village and takes up resources to clear it up.

“Gulls shouldn't be demonised for making the mess when humans create the problem and encourage their behaviour by making an easy food resource available to them!”

Cllr Williams said that the second incident was at a private apartment that has three large bins for three letting properties.

“Unfortunately two of the bins have lockable lids and the third bin didn’t,” he said.

“This was pushed up and a full black bin was placed on top without the lid closing. Unfortunately the rubbish then spilt over neighbouring properties and local businesses.

“I reported this to the enforcement team immediately who dealt with both the owners and the trade waste people. This was cleaned up early in the morning and a new bin has been ordered with a lockable lid,” he added.