Issues of fly-tipping and public litter bins being bombarded by domestic and household waste - leading to gulls causing ‘carnage’ continue to cause frustration for councillors in Tenby.

With Welsh Government revealing last week that the nation has been named as second in the world for recycling, according to a new study published, problems for Pembrokeshire and seaside towns especially, seem to show no sign of waning, when it comes to rubbish being dumped illicitly and littering.

In correspondence sent to Cllr Rhys Sinnett, Pembrokeshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Residents' Services, Tenby’s county councillor for the North ward, Cllr Michael Williams highlighted once again, abuse of public bins at the town’s picturesque harbour.

“I witnessed a family group disposing of their household rubbish last week, and when I approached them, they stated that the holiday property that they had rented via a letting agent in Tenby had a notice in the property advising them to dispose of their household waste in adjacent refuse bins in the harbour area,” stated Cllr Williams, calling for action to taken to clarify the situation with the letting agents mentioned.

“By mid morning on a Saturday the bins in this area are very often overwhelmed, due to such abuse,” he added.

Fly-tipping issues at The Clicketts housing estate were also highlighted by south ward county councillor Sam Skyrme-Blackhall, who shared this image of such rubbish being dumped at a private compound for residents only.

One resident stated: “We have reported the fly-tipping for months and provided evidence of culprits. Pembrokeshire County Council have taken no action aside from removing the bins, worsening the situation.”

Having contacted PCC on the issue, Cllr Skyrme-Blackhall moved to clarify the situation in a social media post: “The compound was through the private management company for flats. This has never been PCC responsibility. We have asked the company on many occasions to clear this eyesore as it is their responsibility.

“The Local Authority is fully aware of the fly-tipping which continues there and are now going to remove everything in one go - rubbish, fencing. Any waste in the area will now be treated as fly-tipping,” she added.

A trial in neighbouring Saundersfoot to try and tackle such issues, saw letters going out at the turn of the year to self catering accommodation, holiday lets and businesses, reminding owners that they are required by law to have appropriate arrangements in place for waste and recycling collection.