A car sharing pilot has launched in Kilgetty, offering a community led approach to tackling the cost-of-living crisis and the climate disaster.

Kilgetty is the first car club to launch as part of TrydaNi - a Wales-wide network of EV car clubs. This service will be facilitated through a bilingual app and website – TrydaNi – that will allow members of the car club to book and pay for their use of vehicles.

Organisations that host a ‘car club’ will also become members of Community Energy Wales, accessing a wider network of community organisations that are taking action on climate change.

Host organisations will have charging points installed at a central community location – community halls, centres, and hubs – allowing the car to be charged within the community.

“We know that the best way to tackle climate change is through community-led initiative – the TrydaNi platform is a tool for communities to use and adapt according to their local needs,” said Jerry Long about the community led project which is funded by the National Lottery.

“Individuals that sign up to be a ‘car club’ member are joining a wider movement in the transition to a zero-carbon energy system, pioneering a new model for car ownership, reducing fossil fuels and transport costs.

“Car clubs offer a novel solution to the cost-of-living crisis – rethinking car ownership and how we travel, leading to cost reductions.

“Research from COMO UK shows that 20% of current car club members couldn’t afford to own a car, and a car club gives them access to a vehicle.”

EV car sharing Kilgetty
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The car is available to everyone between 25 and 70 with a clean driving license. Over 70s can also apply and will be asked more questions.

You can register your interest in joining a Car Club by contacting Jerry Long on 07798 841491 or emailing: [email protected]

Head to the following link for more information about the EV Car Club: https://chargeplacewales.org/join-the-car-club/