Joyce Watson joined members of staff from National Trust Cymru to plant a blossom tree at Haverfordwest Racecourse Public Park, to bring more people closer to nature on their doorstep.

The planting, which took place on Friday, March 17 is part of National Trust Cymru’s #GwleddYGwanwyn #BlossomWatch campaign and commitment to provide opportunities for more people to connect with nature, beauty and history, wherever they are in Wales.  

As part of the campaign, the conservation charity is working with Members of Parliament and Members of the Senedd across Wales to plant blossom trees in locations of their choice within their constituency or region – helping to develop blossom spaces that respect local setting, spirit of place and bring people and nature together.

Once established, the trees will bloom each spring, bringing the joyful sight of blush-tinted blooms to the nation’s community spaces and encourage a beneficial everyday connection with nature, culture and each other.

Joyce Watson MS Mid and West Wales said: “I am delighted to play a part in National Trust Cymru’s #BlossomWatch campaign, which is such an important project and a great way of sharing the joys of nature. 

“I am particularly glad to be able to plant a blossom tree at my chosen site of Haverfordwest Racecourse Public Park, knowing that people of all ages should take pleasure in its blossom for many years to come.

“The Racecourse holds a place in the hearts of many across Pembrokeshire, particularly those like me who live in Haverfordwest. The Racecourse is a public space enjoyed all the year round by thousands of people. I walk around it as often as I can and have done so for over thirty years.

“It’s a place where people reflect, and during lockdown when we went out for an hour to exercise, many of my hours were spent there. In this space I observe nature, watch birds, and I look forward to seeing bees and other pollinators in the blossoms. 

“I must thank the Committee members past and present who volunteer their time willingly to enable others to enjoy the space. Wales was once covered with trees, and replacing some of those which have been lost changes habitats, increasing biodiversity, helping tackle climate change, and making an attractive place for future generations to play in. National Trust Cymru’s Blossom Project is making a huge difference, one for us to enjoy and for our grandchildren’s future.”

Mrs Watson is a member of the Senedd Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee and a keen birdwatcher.

Rhian Sula acting General manager for national Trust Pembrokeshire said: “National Trust Cymru’s ambition through the #BlossomWatch campaign is to connect people and communities through nature. We are grateful to Joyce Watson MS for bringing us to the Haverfordwest Racecourse Public Park Trust where we hope the addition of the blossom tree will be enjoyed by all for many years to come.”