Sea watchers in Wales have been advised to keep their eyes peeled, there’s a rare visitor about...

A humpback whale has been sighted off Tenby in Pembrokeshire!

The Sea Watch Foundation said they were “very excited” to spot a video of a humpback whale near Caldey Island, shared by Pembrokeshire photography and recorded by Emily at her new Manorbier business West Coast Surf School.

It was the first whale-sighting for Emily, who has worked on the Caldey boats for more than a decade and has seen dolphins porpoises and even a leatherback turtle.

According to the Sea Watch Foundation, although the creature was initially identified as a pilot whale, the bushy blow and shape of the back and dorsal fin are indications that this is probably a humpback whale.

“Sightings of humpback whales in the UK have increased markedly since the 1980s,” they added, “and the Celtic Deep is one of three areas where they are spotted on a regular basis. They are not as commonly encountered close to shore but the Sea Watch Foundation has several sightings records, including one seen by a fisherman off Cardigan Island, Ceredigion a few years ago.“

The whale spotted off Tenby on Thursday, May 25 was reckoned to be about 18 feet long and was seen to emit a plume of spray each time it surfaced.

It is important to give animals their space, urges the Sea Watch Foundation: “While this is an exciting sighting, we ask that people give the animal space and follow the local marine code of conduct.

“However, if you are lucky enough to spot this humpback- or any other whale, dolphin or porpoise- please report it to us either via our website or our Sea Watcher app!”