An unusual, but not not unheard-of, visitor to central Pembroke Dock - a grey heron - could be seen on a garage roof this morning, no doubt eyeing up the pond in the neighbouring garden.

According to the Wildlife Trust, “these tall birds spend most of their time alone feeding mainly on fish but can be tempted by the occasional tasty mole! When feeling particularly lazy the heron will visit gardens with ponds for a quick and easy snack.”

Herons are more often seen during winter, with the RSPB recording 63,000 birds wintering in the UK.

Herons are adaptable birds and will feed in any water, whether fresh, salt, clear or muddy, as long as it yields a catch. In winter, many grey herons utilise built-up areas.

Good places to spot a grey heron locally are Bosherston Lily Ponds, Carew, Pembroke Millpond and Neyland Pill Nature Reserve. The heron can sometimes be found in the water at Pembroke Dock, off Cleddau Reach or Western Way, which is frequently home to its pure white cousin the egret.

The Dairy Diary adds: “In the countryside, herons are timid but in towns and cities they are amazingly unperturbed by all the hustle and bustle.”

If you’re concerned about protecting your pond from herons, the following article offers some useful advice:

Apologies for the shaky visuals in the video above - it’s a heavy camera and hard to hold still enough for maximum zoom!