Cllr Sam Skyrme-Blackhall has been out a few times this morning to assess the extent of flooding in Tenby.

Storm Ciarán and high tides have combined to flood land surrounding the course of the Ritec.

The Area Maintence team have also been out and about. They are continuing to unblock drains in many arears within the south side of town.

Cllr Skyrme-Blackhall says that the same closures for the roads in place. The main rain should be out of the way now, however flooding is still bad in the areas shown in the photo gallery here - and also Trefloyne Lane.

Interestingly, Philip Cale has sent in a section of his old (1818) map of Pembrokeshire which clearly shows why Kiln Park is prone to flooding. Boats used to sail up to the Green!

Tenby map 1818
(Pic supplied)