Wales First Minister Mark Drakeford has agreed to consider legislation to protect seals in pupping season after Paul Davies MS (pictured) highlighted residents’ concerns.

Preseli Pembrokeshire Senedd Member Paul Davies announced on October 24 that he was delighted to secure a commitment from the First Minister to consider legislation to protect seals from disturbance during pupping season.

He voiced concerns to Mr Drakeford at the Senedd in Cardiff this week following pleas from the residents of Moylegrove in North Pembrokeshire, urging the Welsh Government to bring Wales into line with other parts of the UK.

Mr Davies told the First Minister he had recently visited Ceibwr Bay with Moylegrove residents who are very concerned about the disturbance of seals in the bay during pupping season.

“It’s a highly sensitive time for the species,” he explained, “and yet unlike Scotland and Northern Ireland, there is no legislation in Wales to protect seals from disturbance.

“It’s vital that the Welsh Government uses all the tools at its disposal to ensure that these animals are protected as much as possible.”

The First Minister replied that he had been to Moylegrove himself in the past: “There’s no doubt that the sight of seals around the Pembrokeshire Coast is one of the great glories of that part of Wales and attracts many visitors who go there for that reason.“

“However, making sure that seals are not disturbed during the pupping season is a genuine objective that is shared by the Welsh Government. I’m very happy to give a commitment that we will pursue the points the member has made,” added Mr Drakeford.

Seal protection during pupping season - Paul Davies MS gains assurance from First Minister Mark Drakeford

Said Paul Davies MS:

“I’m pleased that the First Minister has agreed to consider legislation on this serious animal welfare issue. It’s thanks to the residents of Moylegrove that this is on the Senedd’s radar, and they should be commended for their efforts to bring this matter to the attention of the Welsh Parliament.”

“There is effective legislation in place in other parts of the UK and it’s crucial Wales recognises this good practice and ensures there is legislation in place here too.”

“Moving forward, I’ll continue to liaise with the group and do what I can to ensure that any legislation that is introduced, is appropriate and does exactly what it needs to do – which is protect seals from disturbance during pupping season.”