Here is something new: Cathryn Gwynn and Sian Barlow in their show “The Art of the Book” are working a new medium – a marriage of the literary and visual arts.

This unique art form is fast taking hold as it allows an imaginative approach in book form to exploring issues like the passage of time and turning over questions of why we care.

Each page broadens the scope of what we could expect from a book, allowing a whole range of possibilities in the imaginative layout of text and imagery. Stare in childlike amazement and curiosity at the thoughtful creativity which has gone into the making of these little treasures.

Extracts from a clay sketchbook
Extracts from a clay sketchbook (Oriel Q Narberth)

As a contrast, Ruth Sargeant’s work in the window displays 18 vessels in clay – part of her recent experiments in using ceramics as a drawing surface, producing a similar effect as colours placed on wet paper creating blurred edges to await the contrast of sharper lines and forms as the paper dries - as in Chinese painting. The close range of colours for these little abstract works of art is produced by using copper fragments buried in the clay, porcelain slip and ceramic stain.

This fascinating and unusual exhibition starts on October 13 and lasts until November 11 at Oriel Q Gallery at 11, Market Street, Narberth SA67 7AX (tel 01834 218 894 ), open 10am to 4pm Wednesdays to Saturdays. Contact: [email protected]