Unearthed Festival kicks off this Friday with its most diverse lineup to date. Featuring more performers, creators, musicians, comedians, actors, artists, and entertainers than ever before it is the hidden jewel in the crown of Wales’ festival scene.

Taking place in St Davids, the festival is set against some of the country’s most breath-taking scenery, which it both embodies and embraces. This year the festival features music from across the globe including celebrated female Jamaican Reggae artist Dawn Penn, alongside whole hosts of homegrown talent such as the BBC’s very own Aleighcia Scott and hyper local acts Rona Mac, Skybarkers and more.

As a fully vegetarian festival since its inception, with single use plastic ousted in 2018 and a conservative recycling rate of 97 per cent, many if not most other festivals could learn a lot from this truly grass roots event. This year the festival also unveils a for reusable crockery scheme in conjunction with Crock n’ Rock, a washing up company with plates for hire from the charity Green Gathering.

Unearthed is the only festival at which Tipi Valley, a community committed to sustainable living since the 1970s, is represented each year. Tasked with taking care of the festival’s sacred fire, Tipi Valley are joined by Hoppi Wimbush from pioneering sustainable living organisation Lammas Project and Shivam from Spirit Horse, an organisation committed to rewilding people, land & culture. All of these and similar organisations and communities are on hand to host workshops and share their insights, experience and expertise.

What began as yoga, music and meditation in co-founder Tim Rees’s back garden has blossomed into a festival space for all - whether it is a dedicated allergen free zone, or a workshop on safe BDSM practices, producers do not shy away from challenges or taboos in their quest for equality.