“It made me laugh so much, I couldn’t laugh any more”

What does it feel like to be eight years old? Do you remember? … A Sweetshop Revolution production in association with Memo Arts Centre, Torch Theatre and Aberystwyth Arts Centre will reveal all and will bring those memories flooding back in a production called I AM 8 – at the Torch Theatre this June.

Prepare yourself to be taken back in time to those strange, yet carefree years as I AM 8 divulges into those difficult times.

The director of I AM 8, Sally Marie, had forgotten just quite what it feels like to be eight years old… and if you want to make a show for eight-year-olds and their families; well, that’s a bit of a problem. So, Sally got together seven dancer friends and went out and asked eight-year-olds from all across Wales what being eight means to them.

“It means bouncing, and jumping, and leaping and being happy and feeling lonely and loving being with your friends,” said Sally who went on to make this show about bouncing, and leaping, and…well, you get the idea. And now her dancers want to share it with you!

Positively described as a funny production by audience members, Sweetshop Revolution’s I AM 8 is a fun and playful look at childhood hopes and dreams, suitable for eight-year-olds of all ages.

“It reminded me of how much I love being with my friends” and “It made me feel playful,” commented delighted audience members.

I AM 8 will be visit the Torch Theatre on Wednesday 7 June at 6pm. Tickets can be purchased from the Box Office Torch Theatre on 01646 695267 or torchtheatre.co.uk.