The Tenby Steampunk Festival kicks off this month.

Starting on Friday, March 22 the Steampunk Art Exhibition will open on the balcony of the De Valence Pavilion at 4pm, with Billy Pezach also playing jazz guitar.

The Cogkneys - a music hall inspired duo will be presenting music hall merriment and steampunk delight - with a family friendly version at 6pm and a slightly more risqué version at 9pm.

Saturday and Sunday will see a Steampunk Emporium in the venue’s main hall from 10am to 4pm with lots of interesting stalls to browse - and free entry.

The Art Exhibition will be open on both days, and there will be a mini-play there at 12pm each day entitled 'When Brunel missed the boat to New York'

In Augustus Place Community Hall, from 11am to 12 noon each day there will be a chance to have a go at teapot racing with 'Teapot Track Time', and then from noon till 2pm, a chance to have a go at building a newspaper tower.

At 2pm each day , there will be a Peacock Parade, which anyone in steampunk attire is welcome to join. It will go down to the harbour, and from there you are encouraged to head over to St Catherine's Island for another chance to see the mini-play, and, on the Saturday, a chance to try teapot racing in a Napoleonic Fort.

On Saturday Tenby Museum will have a cabinet of curiosities to see, and in town there will be street performers throughout the day, including a giant mechanical spider, a Bubble Bike Time Machine, Kitch'n'Sync, and wandering droids.

Saturday on the balcony is a screening of HG Wells 1960 film 'Time Machine' at 7pm.

On Sunday, the Teapot Racing will take place at 11am in Augustus Place and 1pm on the Island. There will also be a guided walk of the Town Walls available at 11am (meet on White Lion St), at 3.30 in church House, Box Set will be playing, and at 7pm in the Sailing Club, Preseli Pete and the Bluestone Boys.