As childcare costs continue to soar, many parents are dreading the rapidly approaching school holidays and the impossible juggle between work responsibilities and looking after children.

In fact, a recent survey of parents in Wales revealed that 72 per cent of parents experience guilt over not being able to spend more time with their children over the holidays while others reported feelings of stress, anxiety and burn out due to trying to do it all.

Parents balancing careers and childcare during school summer holidays find themselves resorting to screen time (58 per cent), sweets (24 per cent) and even bribes of new toys (14 per cent) to keep their children occupied, reveals a poll by PGL Adventures.

Among primary and secondary school children nationwide, it’s 10 and 11-year-olds who are most likely to be given screen time to keep them busy (71 per cent and 75 per cent respectively).

Almost half (44 per cent) say they become stressed over the summer break period and a quarter (26 per cent) will even develop feelings of anxiety.

And it’s not just their personal lives that suffer, as over one quarter (28 per cent) say the juggle is having an impact on their ability to do their job. One half (50 per cent) find it hard to concentrate and over one quarter (29 per cent) believe they miss out on opportunities to progress.


  • “When both my wife and me have to work from home. You just have to rely on tv and iPad”
  • “Having to tell work I can’t go on a site visit last minute because I have no childcare and then feelings scared I’m going to lose my job”
  • “Trying to get the time off. My daughter has 14 weeks holiday a year… I have about average annual leave and find it difficult to juggle”
  • “A real decline in the quality of my work, and feeling tired whilst working with my child”
  • “It’s the not being able to spend more time with them because I have work, so I can’t spend time with them, so we don’t get to build a stronger relationship”

Alison Sudbury, Group Marketing Director from PGL Adventures, comments: “The school holidays, especially during the summer, can be hell for parents who are trying to juggle it all. Trying to balance everything and keep everyone happy, including yourself, during this time can feel like a colossal task.

“But for children, we believe that rather than wind down, they want to be active so holidays are a time for, getting outside, making memories and thriving on challenges. 

“Our camps are a great option for those aged 8-16 years, allowing children to gain independence from home, make friends and enjoy a choice of over 40 fun activities at one of our many centres across the UK – all while parents focus on work knowing their kids are in safe hands. What’s more, parents will feel great knowing what an amazing time their children will be having and it’s not that expensive either making it a great holiday saviour.”