The ladies of Cosheston WI met for their annual summer outing and went to Colby Woods where they were greeted by the stunningly vibrant citrus tones of the leaves of the Acer japonica, more commonly known as the Fullmoon maple.

A tree which somewhat looks out of place in a Welsh woodland takes on an almost sculptural role and left a visual in print in the minds of those who went along.  The visit took place on July 8.

Ladies enjoyed exploring the walled gardens, indulged in coffee, walked the meadow and woodland followed by what we are assured was a scrumptious luncheon which left no room for pudding.  “I am sure that means we can have another trip specifically for tea and cake,” said Fern.  

“Chris Evans, an incredibly passionate and knowledgeable volunteer at Colby, gave us a talk on the history of Colby and its mining at the monthly meeting and I am sure we all will look at the landscape and sculptures in a different light.  I was fascinated and humbled to learn about the numerous mines of the Kilgetty coal seam that have defined the landscape at Colby. It is so easy to take history for granted and society needs to be reminded of the past from time to time.  A quote from Chris: ‘west is best.’ He was referring to the compressed anthracite coal but as a fairly new dweller to west Wales, he isn’t wrong.”

The annual car treasure hunt was hosted by last year’s winners,  Hundleton WI.  Cosheston ladies formed a team and came third after exploring the countryside of Rhoscrowther, Angle, Castlemartin and St Twynnells.  Hundleton WI ladies hosted a fabulous lunch afterwards, for which they are thanked. 

 The monthly competition saw the ladies of Cosheston WI going head to head after the meeting to see who could make the greatest number of words with three or more letters out of the words FULLMOON MAPLE.  Results were: 1st Dinah Thompson with 56 words; 2nd Fay John with 49 words; 3rd Janet Hallett with 46 words.

Next meeting is September 12, 7pm at Cosheston Village Hall. Fern adds: “Enjoy the summer break ladies, stay safe, enjoy the fresh air and eat plenty of cake.”