Tenby Bandstand - feedback invited

Tenby Town Council is hoping to facilitate the increased use of the Tenby Bandstand on Castle Hill by local musicians. This would be on a voluntary basis. The council would have a booking form purely to ensure people didn’t carry their equipment up there and find someone was already there, and to ensure that the times were reasonable and not clashing with other events in the town. It is intended to generally be summer Sunday afternoons, but could possibly be other afternoons if there are musicians who wish to do so. It is hoped to get this running in time for next summer, 2023.

There is a by-law on the Tenby Harbour estate, of which the Bandstand is part, which requires no music, singing or dancing to take place which would constitute a public nuisance. Please could you give us some feedback on whether you are in agreement with this proposal, if you have any suggestions regarding it, and what, if anything, you feel would cause a nuisance regarding musicians using the bandstand. You could email [email protected] , or phone 01834 842730, or drop in to see me in the town council office in the De Valence on Upper Frog Street.

World Beard Day

This happens on the first Saturday in September, so is this Saturday, September 3. Find someone with a beard and congratulate them! Maybe you could make your own pin the beard on the beardless man game. Or celebrate by not shaving that day?

Read a Book Day

National Read a Book Day is on Tuesday, September 6 and is the perfect day to get lost in a good book. Get your head down and get lost in a story, whether fact or fictional - it can lower stress, as well as improving concentration and memory. Reading a book gives you the chance to sit in your favourite chair and enjoy some peace and quiet after all. What more excuse do you need! It is also a good time to either wander round the charity shops looking for a new book to read, or to have a clear out and give some of your books to a charity shop!

Find a Chalky Cuttlefish

A live cuttlefish is a multicoloured rainbow of tentacles, with big eyes and a strong body. They live for about 2 years, and can change colour to suit their surroundings. When cuttlefish die, of old age or from being eaten, the shell from inside the cuttlefish’s body is left, and is often washed up on shore. It looks like bone, is white, flat and shaped like a mini surfboard, with a hard wing around one pointed end. It feels chalky, and can be snapped if you try hard enough! Can you find any lying in the tideline on the beach?

Tenby Arts Festival

This year is just a small version as the committee builds back from the last couple of years. There will be events from Thursday to Saturday, September 22 to 24. On the Thursday, there will be a talk by Guy Manning and one on Oriental Spices by Susie Brooks, and a concert by the Tenby Male Choir, on the Friday, gypsy jazz and a one woman play about Marie Curie by Alison Neil, and on the Saturday a talk about Gwen John, a classical piano concert by Alexander Ullman, a sandcastle competition, a Punch And Judy show, and Samba Doc, among other things! Watch this space for more information. Tickets will soon be available on eventbrite, and they will also be available on the door at each event.

Paper Piecing

This is a craft where you start with an outline drawing as simple or as complicated as you would like – you can draw your own or use one from a colouring book. Now find lots of different coloured paper, or lots of photos in magazines. Cut out bits to fit each section of your outline drawing. When you are happy, glue it all down. You could make it into a greetings card, a piece of wall art, a decoration for a book cover or folder, or anything else you can think of. This is a lovely relaxing activity.


These are around ready for picking at the moment – but don’t leave it too long or the birds will have eaten them all. Try and find somewhere away from a road and where they won’t have been sprayed with chemicals. Wash them well when you get home anyway just in case. They are great to just eat as they are. They freeze ok, and make wonderful jam, crumble or tarts! Blackberries are rich in anti-oxidants, so they are very good for you. Here is a good recipe for Blackberry Coulis or puree that is easy to freeze and use the rest of the year. You need 250g Blackberries, 50g Caster sugar and ½ teaspoon Vanilla extract. After washing the blackberries, place them in a pan with the caster sugar and bring to the boil. Simmer until the fruit is soft, then stir in the vanilla extract. When you’ve added the extract, let the mixture cool a little before straining through a sieve to remove the seeds. It can be served warm or chilled.

Great Big Green Week

This runs from September 24 to October 1. There will be a litter pick starting at the Railway Station on Thursday, September 29 at 1pm to clear up the lanes around that area, everyone is welcome to come and join in. Does anyone have suggestions for other activities to do during that week? Or, if anyone is doing something in their group, let me know so it can be added it to a list of things happening in Tenby that week.