Colleagues at the Tenby branch of Yorkshire Building Society are holding a series of free events to help people take control of their finances to mark UK Savings Week.

UK Savings Week (September 18-24) aims to encourage people to save little and often to help them become financially resilient, support mental wellbeing, and help people reach their long-term life goals. The annual event is a collaboration of a number of building societies, credit unions, consumer groups and debt charities uniting with a common purpose to highlight their commitment to raising awareness about the importance of saving.

The branch, on Church Street, will be hosting the sessions every afternoon from 18-22 September from 2:30pm until 4:30pm. Two sessions, focusing on Fraud Awareness, and Financial Wellbeing will be held daily, and the team will be on-hand to give advice. A police officer will join the team on the afternoon of Friday, September 22 to advise on how to avoid fraud and scams. 

Sian Rees, branch manager at Yorkshire Building Society in Tenby, said: “UK Savings Week is all about encouraging people to become financially resilient. We hope that these additional educational sessions help to keep people’s savings safe and help them plan for the future.

“Fraud scams can happen to anybody, but older people are often targeted when it comes to financial fraud. In our Fraud session we’ll be talking about the common types of fraud and the things you can do to prevent falling victim to fraud and scams. Our financial wellbeing events will help people plan for the future and understand what financial challenges they may face.”

For more information on any of the educational sessions, call the Tenby branch of Yorkshire Building Society on 01834 452200. For more information on UK Savings Week visit