Some parents in Wales may be able to claim up to £200 in financial support for school uniforms ahead of the new school year.

Dan Whittaker, personal finance expert at, has shared comments explaining everything you need to know about the School Essentials Grant in Wales.  

“The School Essentials Grant is a government scheme in Wales which helps low-income families with costs towards school uniforms and equipment. School uniforms and supplies can be incredibly expensive, particularly for families with multiple children, which won’t be made any easier in light of rising costs in the UK.”

Who is eligible for the School Essentials Grant?  

“The School Essentials Grant is available for children in Wales with families on a lower income, and in receipt of certain qualifying benefits.

“Additionally, all looked after children qualify for the grant, regardless of whether or not they receive free school meals. However, this does not include those who receive free school meals due to transitional protection arrangements.  

“The exact eligibility requirements appear to be set by each local authority in Wales and may vary slightly, so visit your local authority’s website to find out if your child is eligible.”  

How much money can I expect to receive for school essentials? 

“Parents of children who qualify can apply for a grant of £125 per child. However, children who are starting Year 7 are eligible for £200 due to the increased costs that come with starting secondary school.  

“The grant is available for children in every school year, from Reception to Year 11, and families can claim this once per academic year.”  

When is the deadline to apply for the School Essentials Grant? 

“If you are yet to apply for the School Essentials Grant, then don’t panic. The current scheme opened on July 1, 2023 and will close on the May 31, 2024. However, if you do need the grant towards uniform costs before the new term in September, you are advised to apply as soon as possible.” 

Will I get my grant before the new school term?

“Processes may vary depending on your local authority. However, the Swansea website states that it can take up to seven days to process payments, so if you need the financial support before September, apply as soon as possible.”  

How do I apply for the School Essentials Grant? 

“To apply for the School Essentials Grant, visit your local authority’s website.” have released these comments to advise parents in Wales about how the School Essentials Grant works, as well as the relevant deadlines.