Manorbier School in Pembrokeshire has received commendable praise from Estyn - Wales' education and training inspectorate, despite facing significant challenges in recent times.

In the aftermath of a devasting fire at the facility back in October of 2022, the School continues to operate from its temporary location at Jameston Community Hall.

However, concerns linger within the local community and among parents regarding the progress of the original school's rebuilding efforts.

As the school rebuild remains slow, the surrounding area experiences a surge in housing development, raising hopes for increased enrolment and community revitalization.

Jameston Hall has seamlessly adapted to accommodate the educational needs of pupils, offering a range of extracurricular activities and fostering a nurturing environment.

During its recent Estyn inspection, Manorbier School showcased its resilience and dedication to education in the wake of a devastating tragedy.

ESTYN stated: “Following a period of significant challenge, staff have created a highly caring and nurturing community for pupils and their families, offering a warm welcome to all.

“This strong ethos of care and compassion contributes greatly to pupils’ well-being and happiness. The schools highly committed staff work tirelessly to ensure that pupils’ lives and learning continue without disruption or distress.”

Parent Francesca Ventris-Field expressed her satisfaction with Manorbier School's dedication to providing an enriching educational experience for her child, despite the challenges, stating: “My child is in love with Manorbier school. She chooses to go to clubs even when she doesn’t have to.

“Despite the fire the school has continued to offer a wonderful environment for our children.

“The only downside is that people don’t seem to know about us as a school, but we would welcome more children joining us.”

Clear communication from relevant authorities is needed regarding the school’s future and rebuilding plans. Parents and school governors are actively seeking answers from the Diocese and Pembrokeshire Council to facilitate informed decision-making and support efforts to attract more students.

The recent outstanding report from Estyn underscores its commitment to excellence and serves as a testament to its unwavering dedication to providing quality education.

Estyn went on to say: “The school’s work with international rural schools, and schools across Wales for example, has strengthened the school’s curriculum.

It’s work to improve Welsh and international language skills is noteworthy.”

In light of this achievement, Manorbier School aims to raise awareness of its offerings and extend an invitation to prospective students and families to join its thriving educational community.