Don’t Worry... Be Happy! Ukulele classes starting in Pembroke Dock

By Patrick Ovenden   |   Reporter   |
Thursday 31st March 2022 7:20 am
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Richie Hayes with ukulele
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“Don’t worry, be happy” is just one of the songs that Learning Pembrokeshire’s adult learners have been getting to grips with in their Ukulele classes in the new Haverfordwest Learning Centre this term. Launched in November, the course has proved extremely popular with learners from all walks of life joining the class since lockdown restrictions have eased.

Encouraged by the accomplished musician and tutor, Richie Hayes, students have already gained confidence in playing a great repertoire of classic hits from the 60s right up to the modern day. Each week, new songs are introduced to the class and requests are always accommodated by the tutor to ensure everyone’s musical tastes are catered for. Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, John Lennon’s Imagine and the Beach Boys’ Surfing USA are just a small selection of the songs covered.

“The Ukulele is a fun and relatively easy instrument to play due to its small size,” says Richie. But Christine, one of the learners says, what makes Richie’s class so great is that “he makes it fun and challenging at the same time.”

As well as a full course currently taking place via Springboard at Johnston School which has more than 20 learners there is new great news for Pembroke Dock – a new Ukulele course for beginners will be starting after Easter at Pembroke Dock Community Learning Centre, Albion Square.

“In these classes we will learn chords and be able to start playing songs straight away - expect lots of singing too!” says Richie.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in joining the Ukulele classes in Pembroke Dock, don’t delay, ring up today! Just call the Pembroke Dock Community Learning Centre on 01437 770170. Ukuleles can be borrowed free of charge.

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