A look for the future at Ysgol Greenhill School

By Patrick Ovenden   |   Reporter   |
Sunday 8th May 2022 11:20 am
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Tenby’s Greenhill School has benefitted from a makeover in recent months, with its hallways and communal areas being decorated with artwork, photographs, and inspirational quotes. The work – a product of the strong collaboration between Greenhill staff and the design team at The Media Collective - is unique to each of the Areas of Learning, namely Science, Computing, Mathematics, Communications, Design Technology/Expressive Arts, Health and Wellbeing, Humanities and Welsh Baccalaureate/Skills.

“The renovations are part of a rolling initiative to update the school, and have had a very positive effect both on pupils and staff,” Deputy Headteacher, Matthew Davies, said.

“Our school is a brighter and smarter learning environment as a result of the work that has taken place. We will continue to develop and do everything possible to enhance the school community for our students.

“The main hall boasts a 15m x 3m photo of Tenby harbour, bringing the community into the heart of the school. The Year 11 area’s backdrop of a stormy sea with the four lifeboats explains the origins of the school’s four house names - Devey, Galahad, Miller and Webb, and the Science department looked at a range of subjects that will be studied in the new curriculum and brought them to life. Subjects include renewable energy, sustainability, and ecosystems, so the photos depict locations in our local area, Wales and internationally.

“Pupils have commented on how the work has made the school brighter and more colourful. They appreciate the investment, and are happy that the school is developing for them.”

Now that the Covid restrictions have eased, Ysgol Greenhill looks forward to unveiling the new look to parents when they are next in school.

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