Pembroke County cricket chairman Tony Scourfield says the decision to swap the second scheduled league fixture of the season from Saturday, April 30, to Monday, May 2, was made in the ‘best interests of Pembrokeshire sport.’

There were fears that due to the backlog of football and rugby fixtures built up over the winter that cricketers, rugby players and footballers would have to choose which sport to play on the final Saturday in April as the two winter sports try and make up for lost time, but the decision by PCCC has allayed them.

“The decision was made reluctantly,” said Mr. Scourfield, “but there was no way I’d want cricketers and footballers falling out over a fixture clash, so we decided to move it to the Bank Holiday Monday.

“We realise that this won’t be to everyone’s liking as cricketers have indicated they would rather not play on a Bank Holiday, but this year we’ve had no choice. You just had to look at last Saturday where a lot of football games were called off and Tuesday, I understand a lot of matches had been postponed too.

“This winter has been a one-off and we looked at moving it to the Sunday, but Haverfordwest and Cresselly are involved in a T20 competition up the line, while there is a junior rugby tournament on that day in Narberth and that could affect the cricket, so it will have to be on that Monday.”

While some cricketers may grumble about the Bank Holiday fixture, the majority of players across the county will be relieved the decision has been made, although no doubt there will be some dissenting voices.

In other cricketing news, the county executive have signed an agreement that honours their commitment to put £20,000 into a sports hall in Neyland that will provide first class cricket nets.

The hall is part of an ambitious plan by the town to upgrade the existing Athletic Club to provide top class facilities for a variety of sports.

“Together with the Coaches Association, we’ve agreed to put in £20,000, while the coaches will put in £15,000.

“This facility will provide four top class cricket nets for the cricketers of the county and it will certainly help the county’s youngsters as they will have these nets on their doorstep.”

There were concerns from some quarters that cricket may miss out to other sports in terms of time slots, however it’s believed these have been eased by the committee behind the build.

“We will have to share with other sports, but the nets will be top class and we believe it will be money well spent over the 30-year lease. The people of Pembrokeshire deserve top class facilities and this is certainly that.

“It’s up to the clubs to back it now.”

Cricket Wales is being asked to put in some money also; however, they have yet to agree or sign anything.