Councillors call for ‘road safety measures’ to be considered

By Paul Evans   |   Content editor   |
Monday 4th July 2022 6:35 pm
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The Glebe Tenby
Clr. Mrs. Tish Rossiter told her colleagues that she had been approached by residents of The Glebe asking if Pembrokeshire County Council could look at putting traffic calming measures in place and a 5 mph limit sign. (Observer pic )

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Local councillors are to make a request to the local authority that ‘traffic calming measures’ be introduced to two parts of Tenby.

Speaking at this month’s meeting of Tenby Town Council, Clr. Mrs. Tish Rossiter told her colleagues that she had been approached by residents of The Glebe asking if Pembrokeshire County Council could look at putting traffic calming measures in place and a 5 mph limit sign.

“Please let’s not accept a reply from PCC that says it’s not possible as there hasn’t been an accident there,” she stated.

“There are so many more cars about, the children are out playing and cars are driving way too fast. Let’s stop the accidents before they happen!” she continued.

The Mayor, Clr. Mrs. Sam Skyrme-Blackhall asked if the town council could write to PCC’s Head of Infrastructure, Transport and Environment, Darren Thomas to ask for a solution.

“Let’s propose he comes to look as this applies to all estates, not just The Glebe. There are so many more cars around now,” she said.

Clr Charle Dale reiterated a point from a previous meeting - what was the point of introducing laws if there is no one to enforce them, he asked?

“PCC Civil Enforcement Officers need to be around in the evenings too. There are vans that park on double yellow lines on a junction in the evenings and have been doing so for 5 months. Tickets need to be issued,” he remarked, also referring to vans not only parking on double yellow lines but also on the pavement.

“A pavement that has just been repaired because people were parking on it! All this needs to be addressed! Is it illegal to park on the pavement?” continued Clr. Dale.

The Clerk said that it was not yet in Wales but Welsh Government were bringing forth legislation to make it so.

The Mayor said that PCC have engaged 17 new CEOs, and maybe these new officers could be asked to focus on parking issues around the town, also proposing that Mr. Thomas be invited to look at these issues and consider traffic calming measures.

“There simply isn’t enough parking spaces on any of the estates. Many families have more than two cars and they are all trying to park,” said the Mayor.

Clr. Blackhall said, aside from the suggestion of Clr. Mrs. Rossiter for the Glebe, that they look at other estates too, and have a separate discussion around parking.

Clr. Rapi recalled that a scheme was introduced in St Dogmael’s last year to make it 20 mph, and he believed that all towns were to have a 20 mph roll out through the Welsh Government.

On a similar subject, Clr. Mrs. Rossiter said that she had also been approached by residents of Oakridge Acres, to look at road safety measures along Heywood Lane from Tudor Way to the Clicketts, as visibility pulling out of the estate was extremely limited.

She said that there was also a suggestion that the 20 mph limit outside the schools on Heywood Lane should be extended down to The Clicketts for safety reasons

Also it was suggested a mirror be placed opposite the Oakridge Acres junction to improve visibility, and that residents were prepared to sign a petition in support of this.

Clr. Mrs Rossiter also felt there needed to be a pavement introduced to offer youngsters a safe route to walk from the rugby field to the Clicketts playing fields.

“PCC could work with the Tenby Rugby Club to look at funding possibilities to provide a safe walkway,” she said.

Clr. Matthew Ronowitz agreed, and said that the possibility of a pavement could also alleviate parking problems if a deal between the Club and the schools were agreed whereby parents could park at the ground and walk safely to the schools to collect children.

“This would help solve the awful traffic and parking issues we continually get complaints about. A safe path and parking at Tenby Rugby Club could solve a lot of problems,” he remarked.

Clr. Dale agreed with Clr. Mrs. Rossiter, adding that as a motorcyclist himself, when approaching the junction along the Marsh Road from the swimming pool and turning right up Heywood Lane, the speeds at which he noticed people come round that blind spot are unbelievable.

It was resolved that the town council write to Mr. Thomas at PCC to invite him to meet with members on site to consider introducing traffic calming measures and reduced speed limits at The Glebe, and to look at the introduction of road safety measures on Heywood Lane from Tudor Way to The Clicketts.


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