A Tenby councillor has aimed fire at those criticising consideration of a ‘Big Wheel’ attraction for the seaside town, labelling the proposal as a potentially ‘exciting idea’.

In correspondence that came before members of Tenby Town Council at their meeting this month, Studts’ Events, explained that they had recently installed an ‘Observation Wheel’ on Mumbles Pier and were now suggesting the introduction of something similar in Tenby.

Deputy Mayor Cllr Dale told his colleagues that he had a ‘tenuous connection’ with Studts Funfairs, but felt this would not prejudice his involvement in discussions.

Cllr Colonel James Phillips said he believed this to be an ‘exciting idea’ although admitted it would have a ‘significant impact’.

“There are many considerations as to location, the effect of wind etc. In principle it could be a tourist magnet, but it is complicated and the letter is light on detail,” he remarked.

“The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park would certainly have an opinion, as this will not be a small structure,” said Cllr Laurence Blackhall.

“It is likely to be obtrusive and affect the coastline. There is just not enough information so it would be worth having a conversation to get more detail.”

Cllr Sam Skyrme-Blackhall agreed with having a conversation with Mr Studt but urged caution, stating: “We do not want Tenby to become like ‘Disneyland’.

“TTC have bigger things to consider, and there are not many locations within the town where this could go.”

The proposal though was met with somewhat much of a backlash on social media, with many believing that it was an April Fool’s joke a day too late, with councillors’ discussions taking place on April 2.

Many pooh-poohing the proposal stated that Tenby doesn’t need such a gimmick to attract tourists - however reacting to comments on social media, Cllr Colonel Phillips stated that most had jumped the gun, remarking: “Have most people posting read the article?”

“There is a significant difference between holding a meeting to get a better understanding of a proposal, to actually proceeding with it,” he stated.

“Councillors have significant doubts over the tentative proposal, but it might lead to something that was more in keeping with Tenby's unique setting. We don't know if we don't enquire.

“There has been absolutely no suggestion of a specific location, scale, logistical footprint etc.

“As for investment in the Town, there would be no public funds spent on a commercial enterprise of this kind.”