Carmarthenshire County Council has created new homes in Carmarthen as part of the Local Authority’s wider town centre improvements.

The new development at 5-8 Spilman Street in Carmarthen features two x four person, two bedroom apartments and 10 x two-person, one bedroom apartments, with the new homes set to be completed in April.

This development is a part of Carmarthenshire County Council’s wider town centre improvements.

The scheme has involved transforming old commercial buildings into good quality modern accommodation, with an emphasis on maximising energy efficiency and reducing energy bills.

The Spilman Street homes are powered by electricity rather than more traditional gas central heating, meaning a smaller carbon footprint for each home.

The development also contain high levels of quality insulation which means the homes are warmer for longer and are cheaper to heat.

Solar panels have also been installed to generate their own clean energy as well as LEDs to provide low cost lighting.

The homes will be allocated based on the Local Lettings Policies (LLP) created specifically for the Spilman Street development.

The LLPs focus on providing homes for local people with specific criteria to take into account local issues that help create a balanced sustainable community.

Cllr Linda Evans Davies, Cabinet Member for Homes said: “The new homes located in the heart of Carmarthen will provide quality accommodation for Carmarthenshire residents.

The Spilman Street development forms part of Carmarthenshire County Council’s commitment to provide 2,000 new Council homes in the next five years.