Parking restrictions have been introduced at Kilgetty’s Co-op store car park, with ANPR cameras installed, and the threat of a fine for anyone leaving their vehicle on site, deemed to be breaking any of the conditions set out.

The store’s car park allows a maximum stay of 90 minutes for customers only; and anyone overstaying that length of time, if caught, could incur a £70 parking charge notice.

The system will be enforced by electronic number plate surveillance; with parking attendants also patrolling the site.

Fines can be issued for: parking out of a marked bay; obstructive parking; parking in a disabled bay without displaying a valid Blue Badge, or parking in a parent/child bay without a child under the age of 12.

Leaving your vehicle at the car park out of store opening hours could also see you hit in the pocket.

Kilgetty Co-op
(Observer pic)

Any disabled Blue Badge holders requiring longer than 90 minutes, are asked to please provide their vehicle registration to the customer service department on arrival.

When discussing the fact that sanctions were being considered recently, the ward’s county councillor said that the matter could prove contentious.

“This has caused significant concern for some residents who need to cross the car park in order to get to their homes,” said Cllr Alistair Cameron in a report to Kilgetty and Begelly Community Council members.

Cllr Cameron said that he believed that the store proposed to have a system in which the number plates of residents, carers, relatives, and frequent visitors can be recorded so that they do not incur fines.

“There are clearly practical concerns over the impact of this scheme. Some residents are very concerned over having to contact the manager every time a visitor not on the white list gets a fine notice,” he continued.

“I am also concerned that this will stop employees at other businesses in the village from using the car park, which will lead to more parking problems in Station Road and the surrounding area,” added Cllr Cameron, who said that he’d written to Pembrokeshire County Council to make the Highways Department aware of these potential concerns.