A national bakery company has handed over a ‘slice of bread’ to the local authority and local worthy causes, after admitting to damage that was caused to bollards and part of a prominent pavement in Saundersfoot over the Easter holidays.

The incident where damage was caused to the pavement and two bollards in front of the Sensory Gardens by a delivery driver, saw one of the seaside village’s county councillors Chris Williams, successfully track down the culprit, believing that whoever was responsible, should be left with the bill for repairs.

“I’m sure we’re all aware of the bollards being knocked over at the entrance to The Strand and I would like to thank the local businesses that provided CCTV to support Pembrokeshire County Council in their quest to identify the vehicle that caused the damage,” he explained.

“The Hovis wagon fully cooperated and made payment to Pembrokeshire County Council for all the damage and time taken to repair and replace the paving slabs.

“Hovis then donated four full trays of their products to be distributed in the local community. The Spar in Saundersfoot support a local food bank while the remaining trays went to support the James Criddle Foundation,” added Cllr Williams.