LAST week’s bridge session started with a party to celebrate seven years of Pembroke Bridge Club. A beautiful buffet was provided by the lady members of the club. 

Congratulations to the raffle prize winners, and to Liz Crockford and Kevin Thomas for winning the special gifts at the end of the session. Club owner Irene Delahunty thanked all the members for their continued support and promised to continue to make the club even more of a success in the coming years. 

Latest results were as follows:  

Tuesday, April 2 – 8 Full Tables, 1st Tony Cookson and Pam Evans;  2nd Judy Lewis and Brenda Harris;  3rd Clare Neale and Emma Halsford; 4th Peter Milewski and Graham Hadlow; 5th Julie Milewski and Ian Haston -  Kevin Thomas and Peter Oeppen.

Friday, April 5 – 9 Tables, Top North/South Jackie Theeten and Tom Green; 2nd Gareth Jones and Cindy Middleton; 3rd Tony Cookson and Irene Delahunty;  4th Pam Evans and Anne Marie Pagett; Top East/West Clare Neale and Emma Halsford; 2nd George Sanderson and Mike Lawler; 3rd Tony Parson and Sue Mackenzie; 4th Bob McKay and Frances Williams.

Tuesday, April 9 – 8 Tables, Top North/South Julie Milewski and Irene Delahunty; 2nd  Derek Earle and Cindy Middleton; 3rd Judy Lewis and Brenda Harris; 4th Gareth Jones and Ian Haston; Top East/West Peter Milewski and Graham Hadlow; 2nd Liz Crockford and Kevin Thomas; 3rd John Seal and Wayne Jenkins; 4th Pauline Davies and Julia Holley.

Friday, April 12 – 8 Tables, 1st  Gareth Jones and Cindy Middleton; 2nd Jackie Theaton and Tom Green; 3rd Irene Warlow and Derek Earle; 4th Mike Baker and Peter Milewski; 5th Carmel Wiseman and Peter Oeppen.

Tuesday, April 16 – 9 Tables, Top North/South Derek Earle and Cindy Middleton; 2nd Clare Neale and Emma Alsford; 3rd Liz Crockford and Kevin Thomas; 4th Ros Belcher and Trevor Smith; Top East/West Mike Baker and Tony Cookson; 2nd Graham Hadlow and Pam Evans; 3rd John Seal and John Bowen.

Friday, April 19 – 10 Tables, Top North/South Peter Milewski and Steve Jarvis; 2nd Martin and Aileen Neilan; 3rd Tony Cookson and Irene Delahunty; 4th Pam Evans and Anne Marie Pagett; Top East/West Jackie Theaton and Tom Green; 2nd Irene Warlow and Derek Earle; 3rd Ian Haston and Julie Milewski; 4th John Griffin and Linda Bennett

Pembroke Bridge Club plays on Tuesdays in Lamphey Village Hall, 1pm; visitors and new members always welcome! The club also plays on Friday evenings via Bridge Base Online, beginning at 7pm. All results and the latest club news and photographs can be found on the club website, Pembroke Bridge Club on Bridgewebs. Contact Irene Delahunty on 078 798 56512 or email [email protected]